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We at Vigilante pride ourselves on providing our customers with a unique and pleasurable food experience. Customers can have their burritos, wraps, salads etc. prepared with their choice of veg and meat fillings, sauces, and ingredients.

We are very keen on the hygiene and sanitation part of our food preparation procedures and working areas. The food quality and hygiene standards are never compromised, all the ingredients that we use are of the highest quality available in the market. Our product quality speaks for itself.

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Got the Chicken Burrito Bowl. Came with some spiced chicken, beans, cheese and veggie filling on a bed of rice. The flavor was great. Every element went well with each other. The rice was itself great in terms of flavor. And the food had a small amount of spice level, just how I like it.


Had the chicken burrito bowl from Vigilante. Came with chicken, black beans, cheese, roasted peppers and pico de gallo over plain rice. Chicken was well flavoured. Comes with a side of sour cream. Not the most "authentically Mexican" but a good Mexican-inspired healthy meal nonetheless!

Dubai Foodie @dxbfooddiaries

Ordered for a burrito bowl from this newly opened restaurant. The quantity provided for the dish was quite sufficient. It came with different layers of mix. They also provide a sour cream which blended well with the burrito. Pros: quick service, quantity, quality, reasonable rates, value for money.

Yash Anchan
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